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Reynaers Hi Finity Sliding Doors

Reynaers Hi Finity Sliding Doors

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Enjoy an infinite view with ultimate performances! The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding system creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This fully transparent and accessible sliding window seamlessly extends the house’s interior to the outside.

The Infinite View

Despite the minimal visual sightlines, the sliding door’s durability and strength allows Hi-Finity to carry the weight of very large glass panes of up to 500 kg. This in combination with the high energy performance and the minimalistic look makes the Hi-Finity sliding door the best door for energy efficient contemporary architecture.


Visible width meeting section35 mm
Max. height vent3500 mm
Max. width vent3500 mm
Max. weight element750 kg
Overall system depth frame147 / 179 mm
Overall system depth vent44 / 60 mm
Min. Glass thickness36 mm
Max. Glass thickness54 mm